●!Viva Tequila!
Tequila originated in Mexico.
Recently it has become popular around the world.
Let's enjoy Tequila!
we have 50 different kinds of Tequila!
Enjoy a variety of glasses of tequila and their different tastes!

●about "course menu"
In course menu,
we'll serve the last dish 『arroz con mariscos~Mixed seafood on mexicanrice』
.You can order another dish of 『mexicanrice』,if you want.

●New Menu!!
We make "CHILLI BEANS" ~~~made of Gifu local chicken.
but it's not in MEXICO, offcourse?
and make "TACO and RICE"
it's a famous of OKINAWA
~chilli beans on rice
that's a nice maching!
Japanese ,US and Mexico!!

●we made Nonsmoking erea
On Sunday to Thursday (without Tue.),
we've NON-smoking seat.